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Computer Tips - Do it yourself - Maybe :-)

What to do before you call a Computer Technician

Having your computer crash or stop working in the middle of your work can be very frustration and a little scary. Especially if you havent saved your work. These simple little tips might help you to keep moving forward and get back on track should you have a problem..

  1. Dont Panic just stop for a second and think about what you were trying to do last. (Should you need to call a Technician he or she will most likely ask you what you were doing when the problem occured)

  2. Save any work your doing If you can - sometimes this is not possible so be prepared to redo some of your work

  3. Restart the Computer - Most of the time this is all that is needed. Computers like people sometimes get confused or wires crossed and just need to restart.

  4. Check all Connections to the computer - especially if your feet have access to under the desk cables or if you have pets that like to crawl around the desk.

  5. If your computer shut itself off Check the power cords and outlets.

  6. Check the monitor for Power - sometimes an amber or Green light can tell you whats happening. Green generally means there is a signal from the computer to the monitor and amber generally means there is no signal to the monitor.

If these simple how to things dont get you back up and running then you will need to call us for an appointment - 541-296-7755

How to keep your computer out of the shop

Frequent visits to the computer repair shop can be costly. While these simple tips can keep the costs down you should consider having your computer serviced annually by a certified Technician That said follow these simple little maintenance tips and you should be good to go

  1. Set up regular Backups - Technicians hate to be the bearers of bad news but all to often people skip this step and we have the be the ones that tell you that all of your financial records or family memories are lost forever.. Back it up always

  2. ALWAYS read the prompts - we all have those days where you just want that window out of your face. DONT DO IT take a moment to see what your computer is telling you. this is the best way to make certain you dont let something into the system.

  3. Install and keep an Antivirus Solution updated. - We have our preferences at Columbia Gorge Computers but regardless get something in place that actively scans for Viruses and Malware and again keep it up to date.

  4. Run regular Maintenance on your computer - Defrag, Clear aout Temporary files run a Virus and malware scan at least once per month

  5. Using canned air blow out the fans regularly - if you have a dusty environment at least once per month otherwise about every 6 months pop the cover off and blow it out - DO NOT use an air compressor unless it is fitted with a water retention device Canned Air is best

  6. Schedule an appointment for Service annually - this final step is important because even with all the maintenance your now doing sometimes there can still be underlying issues that if addressed early can prevent huge issues later




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